Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Is It Worth It?

Originally Published in Hindustan Times, Education Supplement

Over the last few weeks the US college admissions press has been buzzing about claims made by former US Education Secretary, William Bennett, that there are only 150 colleges worth attending in the US. Mr. Bennet has a number of reasons for making this claim, but Indian applicants tend to approach the equation over the value of a US education slightly differently. 

It's Not Too Late

Originally published in Hindustan Times, Education Supplement

It’s not too late! If you don’t have a plan for college either for June in India or for August abroad there are still options. Despite the promise of what the future holds, many students reach this time of year with a feeling of dread or disappointment. Due to poor planning, overconfidence or simple bad luck some students do not have an inspired plan for their first year of college. If this is you, there is still hope for study abroad options. 

Chance Me

Originally published in Hindustan Times, Education Supplement

“What are my chances?” Is a question I hear often. Unfortunately, I do not have a crystal ball. It is difficult to answer these kinds of questions, especially for US colleges and MBA programs, because so much goes into the admissions process on the part of the applicant and on the part of the evaluators. I hate to discredit any of the applicant’s hard work, nor does anyone ever really know exactly what a particular admissions committee wants at any given college, in any given year. With Indian applicants who are used to a ‘cut off’ system of college placement, the idea that you could get perfect scores and still not be admitted is confusing.