Thursday, 22 August 2013

Protecting Your Downside

Previously Published in Hindustan Times Education Supplement 

At the end of one of my earlier columns (May 15th) I advised students to ‘select realistic back-up options.’  As I start preparing students for the upcoming application cycle, I find that this advice needs more detail. First of all the list of realistic options students have is almost always the same and secondly, it is rarely ever ‘realistic’. It seems like the colleges people choose as back-ups are the colleges where they have heard of other Indian students getting admission. I beseech all students who are applying this year to dig deeper into what is really important to you and apply only to colleges you want to attend. There are plenty of options.

Starting Early

Previously published in Hindustan Times Education Supplement

Lately I am seeing a lot more people tuning into the foreign undergraduate college admissions process early. This is a good trend! Preparing early is the best way to help you feel in control of the process and reduce stress at the last minute. If you plan early, you have the confidence that no matter what the outcome, you did the best you can.